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Study in Malta

International students who are apprehensive about living in a foreign environment for an extended period may find studying in Malta hard. Malta is an excellent choice for international students who are unsure of themselves in a foreign country.

Malta was a member of the British Empire from 1814 until 1964. During that period, the British had established English as an official language. And it still is, in addition to Maltese: over 90% of the population speaks English, making Malta a popular study destination in India.

Many of the courses that attract Indian students in Malta include Management Diplomas (MBAs), short courses in areas such as Business English and Master’s Degree courses that are offered in collaboration with US universities.

What is the cost of Student Accommodation in Malta?

If you're planning to study in Malta, bear in mind that you'll need extra pocket money for travel expenses, entertainment, and the like – on average local students appear to spend about 100-150 euros per month on these things.

Why Study in Mauritius?

  • Cost of Studying and Living in Mauritius
  • Well established Education System.
  • Modern infrastructure.
  • Crime-free, ensuring student safety.
  • Fastest-growing economies
  • High Qualitative education
  • Scholarship programs
  • Opportunities to work

Types and costs of student accommodation in Malta:

  • Campus accommodation - 250-350 euros per month
  • Private apartments - 500-700 euros per month
  • Paying Guests accommodation - 250- 450 euros per month
  • Private shared accommodation - 250-350 euros per month

Tuition Fees for International Students in Malta

  • Tuition fees for international students in Malta pursuing Doctoral programs range between 10K to 15K euros per year, whereas the cost of the tuition fees for Bachelor Programs ranges between 8K to 12K euros per year.
  • Cost of tuition fees for Master’s Program in Malta ranges between 14K to 18K euros per year for international students in Malta

Visa Requirements For Malta

  • Completed visa application form
  • Valid travel document (passport)
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  • Letter of acceptance from a Maltese educational institute
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements on arrival
  • Proof of medical insurance for the duration of your stay

What do we do offer?

Personalized Admission Counselling

  • We assist you with the entire application process, from creating a profile to acquiring an offer letter.
  • Get customized shortlists based on your interests.
  • Agent experts write and revise SOPs and other application essays.
  • Assistance with interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Acceptance Rate of at minimum 75%

Funding Assistance and Scholarships

  • We assist you to find the best way to fund your studies abroad.
  • Guidance on student loans and scholarships
  • Part-time job openings and research funding grants.
  • Advice on income statements and planning

Strong University Networks

  • We are partnered with some of the best universities globally.
  • Admission to prestigious colleges is essential for a successful worldwide career.
  • In virtual fairs, meet with colleges one-on-one.
  • Waivers of application fees and on-the-spot offers