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About our Consultancy

Sri Dhanalaxmi Overseas Private Limited, one of the top study migration consultants, understand the challenges arising during study migration. Our primary goal is to assist you in scaling through these processes, such as assessment, documentation, and filing.

Sri Dhanalaxmi Overseas Private Limited provides assistance to study in all top countries surf through the top-ranked schools and help you to pursue your dream.

We have expert professionals, who will guide from the beginning to the end process(from getting an offer letter to getting a visa and accommodation).

We have a global presence with a strategic network of own and associate offices in 25 locations across the world. We are planning to extend our services to over 20 offices by the year-end.

Get in touch with us today, so we can help you to realise your dream.

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Our Mision

Our mission is to maximize our client’s chances of landing at their dream school, from loans to acquiring a Study visa. We want to be your bridge from your home country to your dream country.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all our clients with a convenient, trustworthy and professional study migration service with personalized guidance. Whether you have immediate or pressing goals or long-term dreams, we will work with you to fulfil them.

Seamless Transitions, Expert Solutions: Your Trusted Migration Consultants!

Our Values

We are committed to following the organizational values: Transparency, Excellence, Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, and Commitment.

How do we help?

Our experts help you choose the destination, school, and course, as well as aid you with your application, and other paperwork.

We provide:

  • Free Study Abroad Counselling
  • Course Advice
  • Personalized Guidance For Preparation

Why Sri Dhanalaxmi Overseas?

Since our founding, our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities. Our impact is speak louder than our word.






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Our Services

We offer Free Study Abroad Counselling, Course Advice, and Other services - Free visa filling, International accommodation, Flight Bookings and Forex Cards and International sim cards.


Partner Colleges

We have collaborated with top schools around the world. Feel free to explore our comprehensive range of Universities and Education partners that we represent.

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Working Together, We Can Help

Doubting the positive effects of our teamwork because you’ve been burned before? By working together with the clients, we learn that wins and losses affect everyone on the team. When teams work together, they can discuss and share a variety of perspectives of a situation.

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