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International Sim Cards

When you study abroad, an international sim card might be one of the best ways to cut costs on roaming and international calling.

And you're more likely to have a cell phone, save money by carrying it with you while you're studying or travelling abroad!

To do this, you need to check that your phone is:

  • Tri or Quad Band Mobile Phone (most GSM phones today are)
  • Unlocked
  • If your phone meets these checks, you can keep your current mobile phone and simply change the sim card. Getting a local number will lower-cost calls, avoid all roaming charges

We help you with the Choice of the SIM and package that meets your budget and requirements.

Plan ahead

Part of the preparation is making arrangements for a SIM card service before you arrive. That way, you can use your phone immediately without service interruption or expensive roaming charges during a service change.

  • According to the study destination, We help to choose the right sim card plan at the right time.
  • We provide Right Direction

Doing all the research and knowing the fine points of a SIM Card plan for a country you have never set foot in can be really daunting. It is advisable to check all the hidden charges and deductions before purchasing a plan. Having the right guidance at your disposal is a must.


  • Get your number before you travel
  • Payment in rupees to save on forex conversion
  • 24×7 access to customer care

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